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Who we are

Microtek AD is a small mechanical engineering and design office located in Romania. Most of our customers are from Belgium, UK, Germany, Canada and USA.

Lately we specialized, while not limiting ourselves to it, in designing the mechanical elements for metrology and medical equipment, lidars, and other products that requires assembling optics, electronics and complex mechanisms in small and compact packages, and the related testing bread boards, calibration mechanical setups, etc.


Our portfolio also includes a variety of manufacturing equipment for electrical transformers industry, food industry equipment, gear boxes, etc.

Most of the projects are carried out within our office. When required, for limited periods of time, we will work at customer's site.

Certainly, there are plenty of projects that are too large for us though, for sure, none is too small. So, if you only need a 3D model for your new invention, FEA to make sure everything is strong enough, or a few photo renderings for your project presentation, we can certainly help you.



Microtek AD manages mechanical projects from the design phase up to the issuing of the 2D documentation, including feasibility study, functional specifications, functional analysis, specifications, nomenclatures, calculation notes, chain dimensioning, assembling instructions and technical manuals.

The knowledge of manufacturing and machining methods, ISO functional dimensioning and dimensional tolerancing are integrated into production drawings to meet customer requirements



Machine parts


Manufacturing methods


ISO functional dimensioning

Dimensional tolerancing

Designed for manufacturing

Designed for assembling


Strength of materials


Static stress


Thermal simulations

Mechanical Transmissions

Photo rendering

Written documentation


Assembling instructions

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Offsite (remote) work

Worried of the distance between you and our location in Romania? Maybe we can help with this.

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